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Blockchain Gaming Console



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Hunter's comment

About PlayTable

Block.Party company makes game consoles that are similar to tablets with blockchain-based operating systems, called PlayTable.
PlayTable is a new innovation from a game that can be played for 1 to 8 players who can interact with smartphones in the game with the sensation of playing a combination of physical games with digital on the screen together.

My opinion

I think PlayTable can store all game information, such as leveling up characters etc., and it is possible to take it to another PlayTable that will bring up the same information, because basically, the blockchain system is a secure distributed database designed to store records or data permanently from possible history of changes and that can also prevent fraud. It's cool right!

PlayTable Trailers



Hunter: @olgiz247

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I'm sure your hunt is undervalued and it's right to get help to crawl up to the better ranking. Why ?, because i think it's "COOL".

Even though I've seen several times about ethereum blockchain-based games, PlayTable is both Game and Game Hardware.

As you said, all game details can be safe. But, I want the animation of the game to be more interesting, LOL.

Maybe in the future the game that can be supported and also the animation can be improved.


Wow, @calprut, thank a lot, I really appreciate it :)

Nice Job hunter! Here is my review for your product. I have summarized it into point form with pros and cons:


  • Support 1 to 8 players
  • Very funny games
  • Blockchain Gaming
  • The data are saved safely


  • None for your hunt

Great hunt! Thank you very much! Looking for your new hunt.

Hi @olgiz247,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.


Thank u mod @fknmayhem 😊

Aha, I have been waiting for a blockchain based game console for a long time. Thanks for sharing, great hunt.


Thanks @melone, i hope u enjoyed :)

innovative game. syncing with devices makes this product a versatile entertainer. it is a family pack. nice hunt


Indeed @sabari18, thx for good feedback 😊


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