FLEX-E - Go Anywhere & Other Eboards Can't

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Go Anywhere & Other Eboards Can't



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Hunter's comment


FLEX-E is one of the best electric skateboard products from the Slick Revolution company based in Southampton, England. FLEX-E is designed for maximum speed with the convenience of using it on rough and wet asphalt with a handheld wireless control that is easy to fit for users who are confident and have good abilities.




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My opinion

FLEX-E can run top speeds up to 25 mph for a maximum distance of 10 miles because it uses Dual Electric Motor, this is really great, it requires good ability to use it and only takes 3-4 hours for charge time, quite fast.
The price offered is £ 699.99, worth it and This item will be released 21st September 2018.




Hunter: @olgiz247


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