Jewel Castle - Puzzle game

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Jewel Castle

Puzzle game



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Hunter's comment

Jewel castle is a puzzle game of a life time with amazing graphics, you can play the game whether with or without network. All you have to do is to match 3 jewel of the same colour together and also face amazing challenges.

Jewel Castle Features
• The game can be played by just matching 3 same jewel together

• The game has a great and colourful graphics display

• No heart limits! Play as much as you want!

• The game feature over 1,000 special stage modes

• The game can be play any time with or without an internet connection.

• The game can be played while connected to your Facebook account

• The game can be downloaded on any device

• The game supports 16 different languages

More information about the game
Download size - 35.90mb
Released date - March 5, 2018
Updated date - July 3, 2018
Downloads - Over 100, 000+ download



Hunter: @olatun

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  • A casual game that you will enjoy playing it
  • You can play this game during your free time
  • You will match 3 or more jewels to pop them and gain score


  • It contains ads when playing this game

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