Castles - Welcome you to amazing puzzles game kingdom

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Welcome you to amazing puzzles game kingdom



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Hello dear hunters,
Today's hunt is about choice based game that allow you to have the control over your engineers that helps you to build your kingdom, you don't need to come material but you can control your man power to bring out best in them, it's very addictive and educatives expecially for our young children who has passion for blocks and for the adults which they can play during there leisure time.


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Cool game for both young children and adults which give them enjoyable game plus education who have passion for blocks impressive hunt keep sharing ☺.

So kids can develop their senses at an early age that how can they build their kingdom by playing a puzzle game. I like the idea and children will love to play it with interest.

Nice Hunting!

Great hunt! Cool way to spend free time with amazing game features. Solving puzzle help to take more intension and think more to solve the puzzle.

Wao what a great and anazing hunt. I totally appriciate your effort. Engineering field is easy. Engineres works day and night. This type of unique game helps the engineers how to create a powerful building. Solving the puzzles is to much intereting. I always like to playing puzzles game. Graphics and sound is very impressive. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome ONe!
It is really a Cool way to train our mind in free time that's why I love puzzle game or problem solving that forces our mind to think more and more. I am going to install it Right away...
Thank YOu and Have a GooD DaY!

This will make kids to try amazing puzzle. It is very eduction for childrens. Because puzzle game help kids to groom their mind level.

my two little nephews always trying to build something up using blocks they would surely love it ...

it's very addictive and educatives expecially for our young children who has passion for blocks and for the adults which they can play during there leisure time.

actually playing games are necessary for any child as it helps to keep mind fresh ... i hope it won't be that much addictive that it will ruin there studies .....

impressive hunt friend keep on hunting 😊

This is a great engeneering learning type game. nice hunt

I always like puzzle games . Castles amazing puzzle game for you in which you can make kingdom. No need to have Materiel but you need to have mind power for building castle.

Great Hunt! Puzzle games are always helpful for kids because these type of games increases kids creativity and later they can easily solve difficult problems so this one is also a great game with interesting idea nice hunt

I love Puzzles, it is addictive and good for the brain. It stretches you while teaching you a lot. Nice game hunter


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It is very interesting technical learning game . It is great product and nice hunt.

This looks pretty sweet. I am definitely going to have to check this one out. I am a huge fan of puzzle games and building games. It is cool how sandbox games have become so popular lately. I think this one will probably gain a lot of traction. The graphics look pretty impressive from what I can see so far. Thanks for sharing, Nice hunt!

I must confess that this is really cool because it is a great idea because the kingdom look wonderful. I am sure it would be all fun game.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

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Looks pretty cool indie / puzzle game for PS4 network. The goal of the game is to match three tools / symbols after watching some of it's reviews i must say that it's very addictive & cool with awesome graphics and sound. I think this game should also help players to improve their reacting skills. Great Hunt