WooClap - Turn Your SmartPhone Into An Effective Learning Tool

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Turn Your SmartPhone Into An Effective Learning Tool


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There is a quote that have become common place in this new digital generation

Smart Phones, Dumb People

And this is due to the School of thought which believe that Smart Phones has some more harm than good, by eliminating time spent on profitable activities like learning and also building real Life connections

One Company has bring a Platform that will bring new levels of productivity with Smart Phones

WooClap makes learning with your smart Phone an engaging experience. It boost learning sessions ,measures the participation of your learners , Stimulates participation and Improves learning and Collaboration

It is currently being used by over 35,000 teachers worldwide. There are over 20 ways to Interact on the Platform and students can participate via web or sms

It also allows for anonymous participation and you can draw Inspiration from an existing database of questions

All features Indicate that it will be awesome for online Learning, and features like anonymity can help people who wants high levels of productivty use the Platform

I personally believe that WooClap will do well if Introduced to Blockchain world as a lot of people who are Involved in the Blockchain like to keep their privacy so as not to draw attention to themselves

And the good testimonials from the over 35,000 teachers using It goes a long way in validating the uniqueness of the platform

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"Moderator Comment

Nice explanation about Wooclap and easy to understand.
Especially your thoughts about this products were very valuable.

Keep up the good work hunter!

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Thanks for the awesome review comment @jayplayco

Keep up the great Job.


  • It can boost your training sessions and your conferences
  • It can measure the understanding of your students or learners
  • It can stimulate participation and motivate your audience
  • It can improve learning and collaboration
  • They have a very interactive chat bot


  • You need to get account first before the setup

Thanks for reviewing @truthsfinder

Pros :

  • Great tool for learning , as u can learn on the go
  • There are a variety of courses available
  • The integrated chat bot will help u with querries

Cons :

  • I can't find any

Thanks for reviewing @memesdaily

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Hi Ogochukwu,

Thanks not just for the post but for the priceless information you just shared. I've been thinking how I'll pay hugely for a learning management system.

However the price though moderate as far as the value of the lms it is concerned is far beyond my reach.

However, the thought of a learning management system that is built to be mobile based looks so problem solving for me.

Won't hesistate to try it out.