Upwingo - PvP crypto binary option platform

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PvP crypto binary option platform



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Upwingo is a PvP Crypto binary option Platform. And they have a Neat Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring transparency to binary options and and play by honest cryptocurrency game rules.

As the Blockchain gains more traction, amny new businesses are seeing the need to bank on the Transparency that it offers to create great businesses .

Some with a good knowledge of Elliot Wave theory can easily set up shop there.

Each trade session last ten seconds in which you are required to predict the direction of the Market.

Three market pairs are currently available

  • ETH- BTC

You can also do a test drive with the Demo account which comes funded with 10,000 UP tokens.

You can also deposit Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Copied text in quotes from Upwingo.com




Hunter: @ogochukwu


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Yet another way to earn income passively. The rule still remains the same..
"Only risk what you can afford to loose". Conventional Binary Options thought me lots

Hello everybody. Upwingo.com official representative here! First of all I'd like to thank you for mentioning Upwingo.com at Steemit.

Let me tell you a little about Upwingo.com. Upwingo.com is player vs player (PvP) binary option platform that works with cryptocurrencies only. You're playing versus other players. Some of them are playing programmatically via API, some of them are playing via website etc. Players are making bets on what next candle will look like - green (price up) or red (price down). Winners are taking bets of loosers according to their bet values. Very simple!

Market data is taken from OPEN sources, like binance.com etc. We offer betting on candles from 10 seconds (!!!!) up to 5 minutes. Imagine, bet result every 10 seconds. No KYC procedure! Quick deposits and quick withdrawals. We're totally different from classic binary options like iqoption/binance etc!

Every guest will be getting 10K FREE coins to try playing on real-data markets. Just visit https://upwingo.com/?utm_source=social&utm_medium=comment and BOOM! you'll get 10K FREE coins to practice!

I would be glad to answer all you questions via email - support@upwingo.com.

Good luck and thank you!


Hello @upwingo

I discovered Upwingo on Twitter and it interested me. It is clean and Has an easy to understand user Interface.

I actually featured it on SteemHunt. I am an Influencer there.




Hey! Glad to meet you! I've PMed you on Twitter. Thank you!