Txtenna - Send Bitcoin Without Internet Connection

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Send Bitcoin Without Internet Connection


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Gotenna and samurai wallet has come together to create a wallet that would help reach the unconnected and make them a part of the blockchain world.

Txtenna is a mobile app a mobile app that allows users to send bitcoin without an internet connection.

This app will be taking advantage of the unique mesh network offered by Gotenna's Mesh network. I read it up and discovered the mesh network does not require cell connectivity or Internet connection to function.

Other features of Txtenna includes :

AVOID LOCAL CENSORSHIP:TxTenna sends Bitcoin transactions to distant gateways on an uncensored ISP.

ENHANCE PRIVACY: Through multiple hops, a transaction broadcast obscures your physical location

IMPROVE SECURITY:TxTenna technology allows for air-gapped Bitcoin broadcasts that are more secure than a hot wallet and more accessible than cold storage.

One of the greatest advantage is that the Network Mesh is powered by people.

Copied text in quotes from txtenna.com




Hunter: @ogochukwu


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It is interesting that wallet technology works without Internet connection. Maybe it sends data to another wallet using wifi or a local network. I hope that this technology can be used well even in countries where internet situation is bad.

Oh wow! It's getting real and real. I actually think blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will not exist without the internet. But with this, damn I can imagine how it will paved a way to change this mindset. Amazing hunt!

I have approved it :)

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Feel like I have seen a project like this before not on steemhunt however it was a neat idea thanks for the share.

Internet connection is the main problem here in the Philippines. And i can say that this Txtenna will surely a helpful app/platform for us. Nice idea by the maker, excellent!

Sending Bitcoin without Internet connection is a good idea. A mobile app that can be useful for those dealing with the crypto world. Thanks for sharing.

yeah i'm really interested in this technology.

habra que probarlo fantastico

In this modern world we can't think any transaction one country to another without internet connection. This is a good thing that we can sent bitcoin without any internet connection.

This is really a awesome hunt.

Very useful APP if you like to use the Bitcoin over a Mesh-Network. This technology has many advantages like more secure against third party risks (cell phone companies or Internet companies) and can be used also internet free zones. I have never tried it but if its reliable it could become a great addition to the overall Bitcoin Blockchain. Great Hunt!!!

Still trying to imagine how it is going to work

But it's really cool if it would work.... Something is telling me u need to connect to the internet one way or the other or is there something like offline blockchain.

Now this is awesome ,i will have to test it out in a few days!

Mesh Networks are the next step towards more decentralization and this App connects users to it. Great Hunt!!!


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