Slice Capital - Invest alongside top Angels and VC’s for $100

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Slice Capital

Invest alongside top Angels and VC’s for $100



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Most times people want to Invest in Startups but the entry prices make it Impossible for them to participate.

With Slice Capital you will be able to participate as an Angel Investor or Venture Capitalist with as little as $100

Find Great Companies
The companies fundraising on Slice are revenue producing and backed by top Venture Capitalists, Accelerators, or Angel Investors.

Invest In A Mission
Own a slice of high-impact, high-growth startups. If they succeed, you'll have made more than just a charitable contribution and share in the reward.

Follow Your Impact
Slice connects you to the founding team beyond just the investment. After the campaign, enjoy exclusive updates on the company’s milestones.

This is also a best place for companies to get support from their Fan base and customers

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Hunter: @ogochukwu

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It is a great opprtunity to invest minimum 100 $. Good information good hunt @ogochukwu

I like that this could give little investors who can spot great ideas a chance to profit from their skills and grow. Some of them may end up being big investors one day.

@ogochukwu Great hunt my friend. You are right some startups are very great that we wanted to invest in but it's hard because we don't have that much of fund. We can start with $100, which is great.

Great hunt my friend.


  • Gives everyday people access to better investments.
  • Decentralizes power in the world.


  • Cannot invest less than $100.


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