Fabric - App Developement Platform For Teams

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App Developement Platform For Teams


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Since the wild growth of social media. Many brands have been taking advantage of the SmartPhone Revolution to launch Mobile Apps

This Apps help them have a better level of Interaction with their customer base.

Fabric is a platform that helps your mobile team build better apps, understand your users, and grow your business.

With Fabric you can build and monitor your mobile app so that you can know what users are doing inside the App. The helps with User Experience design.

The features of Fabric includes :

Stability: Powerful, yet lightweight crash reporting so you can fix issues fast

Deployment: Streamline and automate your beta distribution and app deployment process.

Engagement: Get insight into your users and what actions they're taking inside your app.

Retention: Uncover behaviors that correlate with healthy and unhealthy users.

Revenue: Easily monetize your app with ads.

You can get started with Fabric for Free

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if you can see what users are doing inside the app doesnt that invade privacy?

@ogochukwu excellent find, this platform is great, have a tool for creation and management of applications is novel and the good thing is that you can start with the free check.
thank you very much for letting us know this platform
I wish you a happy hunt