Aristotle - Your Personal AI Analyst

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Your Personal AI Analyst


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The Internet as we know it has turned out to be one huge virtual continent that people have come to dwell in. And in this eight continent, Data is the currency.

The person with the largest amount of data wins in the race to grab user attention. Data can be a major difference between winning and losing this Race.

Bouquet makes it easy to get to know your data by making access to KPIs, answers and analytics simple and natural - like a friendly conversation.

And the product at the center of this is Aristotle which can serve as your personal analyst for data.

No need to go through the long and expensive route of hiring data analyst. You can cut significant cost by making use of Aristotle.

It does not need Installation all you have to do is to link it with your Facebook Messenger and you are good to go.

This is basically analysed data on your Finger tips.

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Hunter: @ogochukwu

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  • chat with your data
  • It has voice commands
  • Available 24/7
  • AI


  • none

Great hunt Btw

The most important ai is the data itself. A technology that analysed data hmmm Correct me I’m wrong, I think this technology works only also because of the data itself.


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As with my last comment, AI appearing everywhere. I am not a facebook user so this is of little interest to me in that regard. But I do love the concept.

Hopefully someone can come up with something similar for STEEM.


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The biggest deal about it, is that the way in and way out is the use of data, so for some persons it might be hidden from them.

Great @ogochukwu