Wheeme IOT Alexa Blue - an Alexa voice controlled robot that can massage you

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Wheeme IOT Alexa Blue

an Alexa voice controlled robot that can massage you



Hunter's comment

The Wheeme IOT Alexa Blue is a robot that can massage your body and give you a real human touch feel. It's wctive in relieving back pain and Alexa capability makes it smart which can be used to control it via voice command.




Hunter: @ninuola


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just watching its gif, i think this device is so helpful for those people who are tired and need some relaxation. User can even control it using voice which is really a great plus to the product.


Robotic massage wow, it could be very soothing and relaxing for our body. Spending the whole day during the heavy workout at the end of the day a peaceful massage is must be important for relaxing our body.

Hectic routine and tough lifestyle has become culture of every single society allover the globe. Massage and stressed relief gadgetry is much more necessary in this regard so that one can continue the life circle by regaining the energy. Wheeme IOT Alexa Blue robot is a magnificent innovation in this regard. One can easily control it via his/her voice as well. I loved your hunt @ninuola :)

This one looks different than the others on steemhunt without the guide wire.


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More info please. Can you investigate (dig in) some reviews? Would be great to see what people think about products on steemhunt.

Wao what a great and helpful robot. Everyone like to massage his body. Everyone needs relaxation this robot gives you masage. Thats so great. You come back to home from event you feel to much stress. This robot masage you and you feel to release your stress and feel to much relaxe. Really very great product. Hopefully affordable price of this robot. Everyone buy easily. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.


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