OriHime - a robot that you can control wwith eye movemen

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a robot that you can control wwith eye movemen



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The OriHime robot is more like a body's extension as it can be controlled any way you want it via

  • smartphone control
  • voice control
  • eye movement control

The OriHime robot can be connected to the internet which makes it easy for a user to interact with the robot and people around it even when they are not with it

the demonstration video




Hunter: @ninuola


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I am not shocked with this product, I think many more products like this will be produced with time

It's cool the robot that can tracking by eye movements, voice controlled and smartapp. Applying IOT keep everyone interaction with orihime although aren't there.

When I saw a word "Orihime", I thought this robot is cute like Orihime on Bleach, sadly I was wrong 😓
This robot should use a design based on their CFO(Aki Yuki) 😂

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Eye motion robot are very low production by the companies.
This offers grat motion via eye.
Great hunt.
This also offers powerful motion.

the concept is behind this, a cool bot

I watched the video and it is amazing to control a robot by eye movement. Perfect hunt

Hi hunter,
The tech is awesome, but the is that worth for anything. I think it's only for our kid as a toy, I couldn't find anything interesting in it..Keep Hunting dude..

Seriously @firebox , checkout the website

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