exoskeleton hand - a brain controlled exoskeleton for quadriplegic patients

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exoskeleton hand

a brain controlled exoskeleton for quadriplegic patients



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This hand exoskeleton is very good for people suffering from quadriplegic issues. The exoskeleton works by giving them the opportunity to control it with the mind. An elastic cap is used to capture the electric currents in the brain and transfers it to a control box.




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Perfect hunt.It is possitive that exoskeletons are very useful to people with kinetic problems.

Link, it's not even a product link. It's a news article. Sorry, have to delist regardless of current huntscore.

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Exoskeleton hand, what a great product to help patients with their basic tasks. This should be part to improve quality of life and regain some lost motor actions.

Wow, this is truly amazing! Imagine the countless lives it will change, giving people back movement will mean so much more freedom for handicapped people. So so awesome! Great hunt 😁👍

It should greatly reduce the helplessness and restore some of the muscle functions that have been lost to the quadriplegic. Great hunt @ninuola