eolos - robot can crawl on walls and inspect wind turbines

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robot can crawl on walls and inspect wind turbines



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The eolos is a multi sensor robot that crawls on wind turbine and this enables it to inspect the turbine blades for damages and repairs. It is a safe method as it prevents humans from doing the risky job. It has a camera that çan show all what the robot is viewing.




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This is really cool! You don't have to worry anymore of who will gonna check it out but a robot does. Having this is sureal. No hassle.


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Inspection is necessary in case of wind turbines as they are subjected to tremendous amounts o variety of hydrodynamic loads.
The sheer size and height of wind turbines makes the inspection a challenge in itself...

This robot looks like the one that means it's business; dedicated and purpose built.

This robot will make the maintenance task of the wind turbine a lot easier.It can climb up walls and inspect turbine which will save the maintenance workers from a lo of trouble.They will get to see what is wrong with a turbine from a safe place and take necessary steps to fix it.

That robot is going to save companies BIG money! that's a really good hunt buddy! :)

Many fear the tackeover of robots and AI but here is a case where it eliminates a dangerous job and saves people.

This robot simply can do the job better, for less, and save lives. Why would anyone want to stop that?

Thank you for the hunt.

Nice job robot! I think this is great, it can save people lives and it also can help us in the mission of upgrading our sources of energy.

Great idea, I guess technology is going to keep impressing me.


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