Dreamglass - A low cost,optical and see through smartglasses

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A low cost,optical and see through smartglasses



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Dreamglass is smartphone compatible and runs on Android OS.
It's compatible with the Android OS and IOS.
It has a touchscreen compatibility.
It has a front facing camera and has hand gesture compatibility.
It is also compatible with a 3.5mm audio jack.





Hunter: @ninuola


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This is amazing piece of invention and i really like it because these glasses are ultralight and weighs only 240g and this means that it is ultra-comfortable on the head. Great Hunt.


  • IOS and Android capable.
  • Hand gesture compatable.


  • $400

It's really interesting with so many characteristics. This Dreamglass is very comfortable for everyone. Thanks for hunting!

Dreamglass came with nice feature ,compatible with the android OS and IOS.touchscreen compatibility, front facing camera and 3.5mm audio jack.The price of Dreamglass I can't buy it but when I have money I will definitely buy Dreamglass .

waoo great hunt The Dreamglass is very comfortable for everyone user and the price is very costly ,when I have money I would be buy one Dreamglass.Thanks for sharing with us hunt

Great hunt your are sharing great product with us thanks. Dreamglass is an awesome & I like the feature of Dreamglass is It has a touchscreen compatibility.I like the blue color.

It works on all smart devices because it is compatible with Android operating system and IOS. It has modern lines as design and design. The price was a bit pricey. Cool hunt.

DreamGlass is compatible with hand gestures and touch screen. There is a front-facing camera. Audio jack output is another nice feature. I like the blue color. A nice share.

Dreamglass is an interesting product, although in my opinion with a very high cost,but the design is beautiful and the feature of Dreamglass is good .

When I checked its website, I thought that Dreamglass worths of 399 $. Great hunt.

Great hunt @ninuola anyone would want this most especially the fact that it smartphone compatible and runs on Android

True to its name. It's a dreamglass for someone trying to experience the smart and automated shade. Good, it's even android supported

I like the design that these glasses have, besides being able to connect to the smartphone. Without doubt these glasses are a good option to buy.

It's a fun wearable device to own but not functional to wear on the go as advertised.

I like the concept, but we're years from tech like this hitting mass adoption. When they can put this, and other tech like it onto a standard pair of glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses, then it will take off.

These advances, and new products are an important part of the journey, but for now, they are very much a niche item. That's not a bad thing, and the advancements and lower price entries are getting people excited, so all power to them.

Nice hunt!!
The design is unbreakable one..

Nice hunt...
They have a cool fancy design.... But 399 $ is a steep price...

It is interesting product, although in my opinion with a very high cost, only time will tell if it is worth the price. although it offers great amenities. the technology does not stop surprising us.


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That looks pretty cool. The audio jack output is a nice touch so you can also have surround sound.