X-Tankcopter All-terrain Drone - World's First All-terrain Drone

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X-Tankcopter All-terrain Drone

World's First All-terrain Drone



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First in the world all terrain drone . Easy to control while exploring Jean places. Can’t go almost everywhere except underwater !




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This is a major steal for the price of $99 and the shipping happens in 3 months. That's just amazing to hear. The crowdfunding has end up successfully.The mobility of the drone is very impressive and I loved the videos linked in the IndieGoGo page.

It works with VR goggles and the controller seem very intuitive for anyone who has been playing video games. Although it's not the best way, you can also use your mobile phone as a controller too. That can come in real handy.

except underwater !

Oooppsss... I thought I can use it for selfie underwater. 😄 But kidding aside, this drone look so cool. I am watching the gif and it is so funny that tbe drone is getting under those bars. It's like a rat running into holes! 😄

I don't know how the product called that them is "the 1#".. maybe for market interesting. Not bad if it's really the 1#, but how if the others similar products also claim that the 1# too...

No Matter at all, It's really helpful for everyone get the data for their project use the drone. All terrain drones.. it sounds the main point that offers. If the product said that's the "all terrain drones" maybe you make wrong explanation in this part Can't Can’t go almost everywhere except underwater !

I’ll fix it . Thank you for pointing it out.

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Can’t go almost everywhere except underwater !

I think you mean can go almost everywhere.

Also, surely not the first. And feels like I've travelled time. Toys, not big boy ones, are number 1 again.

Exactly. I’ll fix that. It was short text and yet I didn’t saw the misspelling...

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I think this is not the first so called "ALL TERRAIN DRONE" , Ive seen a lot of posts about drones, and Im also a fan of drones. Also wondering on why is this your 4th hunt? When you can hunt everyday, and you are also inactive in SteemHunt. :thinking:

Aside from those topics,

I think this drone would be useful for Developers, and will act like just a KIDS TOY honestly speaking. I have driven a few drones, especially DJI drones and a toy drone, I can barely see the difference between a toy and a Professional Drone.

Checked out the indiegogo website , from a price range of $99, its no surprise that it has a similar price of a TOY DRONE. Not FOR PROFESSIONAL USE, either way its cool :)

I just love it. I am just seeing how its work.
Also have awesome featuter with so good quality. Also its speed looking cool.
Really love it.so cool hunt..keep it up

Better quality and technological than ordinary drones. One of the biggest differences will be more preferable than other drones due to the mobility in many difficult conditions. We can use without difficulty in many places such as grass, roads, beach. I've reviewed videos about the product, but I haven't found anything on the sea or the use of water. Water resistance and water mobility would be the only feature that could improve.

Detailed informative video about the product :

After a very long time, i have seen someone posted a robot, I do remember the time when there were large amount of robot hunts, X-tankCopter no doubt is one of the best drone i have seen, it can work in all terrian, can easily go over the hurdles. great find @ninjatuner

Wao perfect find. I m also big fan of drones. Now a days drones are become more popular in the worlds. Drones are use in every field of our life. Specially drones are us in marriages and media pupuses and also use for aerial photography. Many features of this drone. Two main feature is very easy to use underwater. Speed of this drone is too high. Very high quality result of this drone. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

It seems its working well but as you said it can't go underwater.

That's why I love more a yesterday product which was a life saver, a little tank which could go everywhere!

Nice hunt anyways, thanks for sharing it here!

It looks very light. I think it is suitable for toys because it is possible to move smoothly and easy control is possible. I think that the market of drones in the future could be much bigger as the children are exposed to natural technology like new technology.

I am curious how to play a drone.I have seen many drone on steemhunt in past. This one also a very cute and small technology. Very interesting to play with drone.

An awesome hybrid drone that can drive on ground too. A fun and entertaining drone filled with cool features. And it also supports VR tech too.

An all terrain Drone!?!?! Shut up and take my money! LoL. This was a really cool idea, I would've loved to have this as a kid, to be honest I'd prolly still enjoy it quit a but now and I'm nearly 40! LoL. Great Find 😀👍

Well to be honest with you, I have not used drone once but am so attracted to how this one lookS. Take a look at the pictures, it so lovely. I think I also love the speed it has. Nice hunt @ninjatuner

Pretty awesome it flies like any other typical drone but can also act as an RC car not only that but from what I can see it handles the ground very well probably even better then most of the RC's out there, literally all you need now is it to be water resistant.

Nice post and good drone.This is a very good X-TANKCOPTER.The features of this drone are too high and it is very good.

The X-Tankcopter can be described as a ground-traveling drone with straps to serve as an all-terrain traction method. It s recommended for whose that wants to have a flying car, or a drone capable of driving across the ground in off-road mode.

I think I've seen quite a few drones with all terrain functions. This one is obviously cheaper but of course we need to expect that the quality of parts are less than those which costs more money. I think this would be one of the best choice as a preparatory drone before buying the high end ones. Great budget drone, awesome hunt!

It can be undoubtedly said that you found it to be one of the best drones. I like this drone very much and I hope this will be of great benefit to me in the future. This drone is giving us many benefits and the benefits that other drones can not give. You've discovered a great drone and thank you so much for sharing this drone among us


I am still trying to see how a all terrain drone be used as usually its purpose is to fly. But acting like a hover probably it can maneuver better difficult places and might help in disaster cases.

Oh man! Going under water would have made it a killer all terrain drone. A drone like this would always come in handy in dark hidden areas or areas humans can't reach..

I like the way that technology is killing now a days, this drone is a proof of fast technology. Cool hunt .

Products on Indiegogo are unique, more interesting. They aren’t like what I’d find on the market. They aren’t mainstream. It’s the newest tech that companies don’t even know will be popular..

Best drone for spying purposes. This drone is very effective for air as well as land. This is very innovative invention and must recommend hunt.

In a simple word I can say it All-in-All. Yes totally agree with you its world first. Super power with super speed and applicable everywhere. Honestly X-Tankcopter All-terrain Drone is a Great Hunt brother.

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WoW it looks cool machine that has a performance of both the tank and drone pretty amazing i really like it coz while on the ground it has ability to goes through narrow gaps and coz it is build on crawler platform so it also goes through rough terrains with ease all in all this machine can operate in many different environments much better than conventional flying drones. Awesome Search

Millions of people around the world visit Indiegogo to find clever and unconventional things that solve everyday problems large and small.

Just incredible first time heard about All terrain Drone. We made a Drone quad copter in our final year project for our university surveillance system this reminds me of our project. However, this one is so clever and advanced which can be easily controlled nice find

Nice I am a big fan of Drones btw and seems like this one would be perfect to get hands on besides liked the way and the features that it has on it. Cool hunt btw.

Wow! What a amazing drone you have hunted. I have seen many like them but this is more innovative and have many super features. This drone is quite good as it can move on all types of terrains. This drone indicates that the science is increasing and very cool things are invented.
Actually I found this very good technology.Thanks for sharing.... great hunting.@ninjatuner


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Best post

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Woahhh, I want thissss 😱😱😱😱

X-Tankcopter Drone while you feed your big kid imagination by redefining exploration.

Discover more with this hybrid hero thanks to its ability to take off and land with the push of a button and its neoprene Kevlar treads inspired by a tank. It can slip through narrow spaces in the air and climb and drift on the ground all while capturing amazing footage with its 120° wide-angle 720P HD camera. You can switch between land and air use for 12 to 15 minutes on a full charge so you’ll have plenty of time to explore the great outdoors. Control the X-Tankcopter with the provided 2.4GHz wireless controller or use your smartphone. And you’ll also have the option of using the virtual reality headset with your smartphone to experience live VR. You can back this project now and invest in an X-Tankcopter for $99.

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