Volirium P1 - An excellent and efficient paragliding instrument

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Volirium P1

An excellent and efficient paragliding instrument



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Do you like air? Do you like flying? Are you a paragliding lover? Well today I will show you a tool that you need for your safety when flying. Today I'll show you the...

Volirium P1

Volirium P1 is a smartvario. A smartvario is an indispensable tool for lovers of paragliding.

Volirium P1 lets you know speed, distance, height, location at heights through gps and more.


  • Easy to use: Pilots will be able to enjoy their flights by being able to handle this tool with ease.
  • Display is readable in bright sunlight: It has a screen called "transflective" LCD, which guarantees the reading of information even in the brightest sunlight.
  • Precise, fast and nice: It has excellent precision. With a compact design, a touch screen, excellent navigation and a battery that can last 20 hours in the air.




Hunter: @ninaflowers


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This is great device for those you love the heights and the adrenaline of paragliding. This kind of devices can guarantee their safety, especially if it is easy to use. Great hunt!


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Excellent devices for lovers of paragliding and heights, allows relevant positioning data, also includes connection to wifi, a screen fully visible in sunlight, highly resistant, micro SD memory of 4Gb to record. great hunting


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