Syberia 3 - An extraordinarily graphic adventure point & click

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Syberia 3

An extraordinarily graphic adventure point & click



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Hunter's comment

An extraordinary point-and-click graphic adventure. We will be Kate Walker, an excellent lawyer. Our adventure will begin in a cold and gelid climate, where we will suffer from hypothermia. Luckily, a nearby tribe rescues us and gives us shelter. And that's where our journey will begin. An incredible journey you won't forget.

We'll have great graphics, a story that will impact us for hours, our own decisions, puzzles and much more. It's a great game. I recommend you try it, but not before you've played the previous installments of this beautiful title. I'm sure you'll enjoy the art of the game and the music that will transport us and make us feel inside it.



Hunter: @ninaflowers

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