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Flight Information Device



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In the world there are people who practice different sports, in the world there are many people who love to cross the skies, people who love paragliding. Unfortunately, some paragliders have suffered accidents. Today I will show you a tool that is used to avoid these accidents and avoid losses.


Sensbox is a sophisticated flight information device.

Sensbox is a multi-purpose device. Flight information is sent to computers, tablets and smartphones via bluetooh. It sends the exact address of the person at altitude so you know where he or she is at all times. It also informs about temperature, height, speed, pressure, distance and more. All the exact information to stay alert and avoid accidents.


  • It takes care of sending a very accurate amount of information.

  • Stores all flight information in igc format for later inspection.

  • It is made in an excellent way and is very resistant.



Hunter: @ninaflowers

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A small device with Multiple benefits.

In 2016 There were almost 3.8 billion people who travel through the air channel and as we all know that air travel is a little bit dangerous. and families and friends always worried about you when you are in air travel, but now they can view every information about flight using this small device. It almost like keeping an eye on you.

Hey @ninaflowers, useful post you have shred with steemhun users.I found it useful, people who knows the thrill of parajliding would give it much value.The details are nice features looks easy.

Due to the misinformation of lack of information about the flight timings paragliders usually suffer alot and there happen collisions. To avoid any worst situation Sensbox seems a glorious way to inform the paragliders about the accurate positioning, altitude and navigation of the other flights around. Highly appreciable idea and hunt @ninaflowers :)


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