HEADWAVE TĀG - A small device that allows you to listen to music everywhere

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A small device that allows you to listen to music everywhere



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Do you like music? I bet you do, because if you don't like it, you're a monster from another planet. Today I'll show you something that's excellent. What if I tell you that you can listen to music without headphones when you're wearing a helmet? Well, let me tell you that what I will show you today allows you to do it and more. Today I show you the...

Headwave TĀG

The Headwave TĀG is a device with wireless bluetooth connection that is able to make us listen to the music of our smartphone through our heltmets, caps, or anything else we have in our head, without the need to put on annoying headphones.

This device adheres strongly to our helmets, ideal for when we go at full speed on our motorcycles. Best of all, it can be fitted to any helmet. Despite its size the battery is excellent and can last from 4 to 6 hours. It also connects to the gps to give us instructions. It is water resistant and best of all, it is cable free.




Hunter: @ninaflowers


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Hahaha monster from another planet 😪😪, Anyway the headwave is a good one i love the features.

when we can listen enjoy the helmet song, it will be an excellent experience. those who hate to wear a helmet can try this. with helmet putting an earphone inside will spoil everything. this thing is a good gadget to shower music through our helmet or cap...nice hunt.

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