FORZA D09 - A power wheelchair with excellent performance

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A power wheelchair with excellent performance


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If you follow my publications, you will ask yourself: "Another wheelchair? And yes, my answer is yes. Today I will show you another power wheelchair but with different features, it is also very useful and recommended for use. Today I'll show you the...


FORZA D09 is a fabulous electric wheelchair. It has great features. This wheelchair can work in a hybrid way. It can be used autonomously as well as with the help of someone else. It is very comfortable and is made with super resistant materials of excellent quality. It is capable of supporting 400lbs and more. If we transform that into kilograms, it is equal to 181kg. Can travel 15 miles, transformed into kilometers, 25.000km, Like I said before, this chair is hybrid. You can connect the remote control to the chair and operate it manually. It has a spectacular twist, ideal for enclosed spaces. It's all-terrain and easy to store and recharge.



Hunter: @ninaflowers

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Hi @ninaflowers,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

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