EZ Lite Cruiser - Electric wheelchair, comfortable and all terrain

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EZ Lite Cruiser

Electric wheelchair, comfortable and all terrain


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There are millions of people in the world who use wheelchairs because of some condition, case or circumstance. Wheelchairs are used to facilitate the transfer of patients from one place to another. With the passage of time, technology advances more and more. Already a patient who cannot walk does not need the help of another person to push the chair. Today I will show you the...

EZ Lite Cruiser

The EZ Lite Cruiser is an electric wheelchair with different features that make it essential when buying a wheelchair. This wheelchair has excellent handling speed. It has strong and resistant materials that make it look robust, but in spite of that, it is very easy to store and its weight is considerable. It can even be stored in a bag for transportation. This chair also has the ability to pass all kinds of terrain. Wet, rocky, grass, and more.




Hunter: @ninaflowers


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The electric wheelchair will likely be easy to transport in a car because its volume becomes very small when folded. I hope many of these kinds of products come out of the world for people who are disabled.

Wow.its so helpfull for many people who have problem in their leg.its really help them lot thanks for sharing

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This will be instrumental in giving people in the Wheel a huge amount of convenience

If, as you say, it is essential for people who need to enjoy good sitting comfort. If, as you say, it is essential for people who need to enjoy good sitting comfort.

always love the products that are of great help to the unfortunates. EZ Lite Cruiser being electrical and foldable should help the masses in need. Great hunt.

You're right, this is an excellent product to help these unfortunate people. However, they are fortunate to have a tool like this to help them. Thank you.

It's a good idea to be able to carry such a simple wheelchair that you really need for people who are not feeling well. As far as I can tell, it's folding back and forth.

very unique design easy to carry and hide specially when your guest came or you have low space in your home

It's excellent for storage. You should not worry about occupying space as it is easy to fold and store.

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It is not a typical wheelchair that you can see in stores, it is a wheelchair that is bind with high technology to it. Great to see a product that will really make life of disabled person, easier. Great hunt @ninaflowers.

This is a really cool item. I think it will be very helpful for those who use a electric wheelchair. Generally, a electric wheelchair is big and heavy, but it's really simple. It's so nice.

Really cool and useful electric wheel chair and i really like its arm rest mounted joystick that makes it quite easy to move around in addition it surely allow disable peoples to move with ease and comfort. Great Hunt

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