Flyp - A platform for job seekers & employers

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A platform for job seekers & employers



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Flyp is a place for both employers and job seekers. On this platform, Job Seekers start applying for jobs quickly and easily. All the applications get replies. Facebook Account is required for sign up. After signing up, create your profile and get hired.


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It's similar like in India and really good for job seekers

The Flyp platform is a great place for both employers and job seekers where they can get job easily.

If you are looking for a job you might as well sign up to all these types of employment broker plattforms, just in case you dream job is on one of them. Nice to see a new site.

I am a job seeker, I don't have jobs and looking for jobs. I hope this site will help me to find a job.

There is no jobs for me, and there is also very less jobs available. Some are offline jobs which is not in my country.


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