Ultimate Lightning McQueen - The toy that all young people would like to have

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Ultimate Lightning McQueen

The toy that all young people would like to have



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Hunter's comment

Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Disney • Pixar is the best runner of the line full of personality. With animated eyes, animatronic mouth and emotional suspension, experience Lightning like never before. Source

Do you like to keep control of the steering wheel? and are you a Lightning Mcqueen fan? If your answer is yes, you must have an Ultimate Lightning McQueen, it is a technological advance based on robotics, and you can control it with your mobile device using a completely free application.

The game with remote controlled cars reached a new level with Ultimate Lightning McQueen, this new car makes movements simply by touching it, it also speaks and expresses emotions to give the impression that it is interacting with Lightning McQueen in person.

In the following link you can appreciate the various functions of the Ultimate Lightning McQueen

Ultimate Lightning McQueen privacy policy HERE




Hunter: @nicomax


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