Norshire Mini - World's smallest and most portable tire inflator

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Norshire Mini

World's smallest and most portable tire inflator



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Hunter's comment

Norshire is a small and powerful air compressor and tire inflator. It is portable and very easy to use. It has ability to produce 12bar/174psi high pressure with safety. It immediate indicate in case of any abnormality during its function.


  • It instantly measures the tire pressure when connected to a tire.
  • It automatically stops when it hits the preset tire pressure.
  • It monitors internal temperature real time and regulates the cooling fan accordingly.
  • High/low voltage alerts, over/under pressure alerts, overheating alert, built-in buzzer and flashing display with words.

Features :



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I'm amazed at how such a small device can pump air into a tire at high pressure. If the product is made as planned, it will likely be purchased and used in many places.

i hadn't seen anything like this but i can't believe this tiny thing can fill air in tires?

actually just looked at the indiegogo page, there is an image there that explains. this is super slick and cool.

COOL! The bikers need this tool with their bikes every time if it is so powerful to fill the air in tires. This would be helpful when you don't find any mechanic near you.

Nice Hunting!

I'm definitely getting this if it's not too expensive. Anyone with bike or car should get this. Cool products a d deserves to be top in ranking

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Such a great tool for rider who loves to explore the world via bicycle. The Tool is very portable and easy to use.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Such an amazing find.Small in size easy to cart. Although I am unsure how the tiny device can produce 12 bar pressure, but it is worth to purchase if it serves during emergency situation. What is the price of Norshire Mini

I love this in the sense that it is easy to cart around in case of emergency. It will save us alot of stress.

This is something that I never heard before but for sure its awesome hunt and solves one of the biggest problems. Smallest in size and easy to use makes it even better.

Great Hunt

Pretty cool portable product and a right one for travelers as it can prevent any accident and keep tires in excellent condition. I really like it coz users can also take it with them during outdoor/beach trips and can inflate all the inflatables. Awesome Search

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really great find. This product offers too much reliability for travelers, so move with freedom on even on your bike.

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This is amazing and something small enough to keep in your car. Most cars have a tire pressure display on the dash boards and having one of these will ensure your tires are always inflated to the correct pressure. If you have a slow puncture it will enable you to safely drive to get it fixed. Great hunt.

Great Hunt! Seems to be a perfect inflator for Tires and could be more useful for Travelers because sometimes we need to fill the tire with air on the go but this is the best solution that you can easily inflate your tire for yourself easily and can also measure and track the air of tire from this nice hunt

This is really awesome. If I rode my bike more I would totally get one of these. I actually have a friend that rides his bike all the time and I feel like this is something that I should really pass along to him. I like that fact that it is powerful and quiet. That could be a real game changer when you are out riding the trails enjoying nature. Nice hunt!

This product is a great convenience, especially on the road in remote areas.
4 touch buttons: like the Norshire Mini minimalist design. Interesting Hunt. @needu


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