Brilliant Control - Smart Home, Made Simple

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Brilliant Control

Smart Home, Made Simple



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Two Switch Panel is a smart lighting solution. It connects to other smart home products. It give weather forecast and you can listen to music by connecting it to speaker. Parent can also use it as camera to monitor what children do at home.

The Brilliant Control is a smart lighting solution that also connects to other smart home products to give you touch, voice, and motion control right on your wall. source

You can use Brilliant Control as a security camera to know who is knocking at your door. It can also function as door bell.

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Hunter: @naijaguy

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Hi @naijaguy, a gadget for family needs, this is a nice product!
Thanks for always your share the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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Brilliant engineering, an advance home automation, what i love on this is you can see who's knocking the door and also the ability to connect it with speaker. Awesome hunt @naijaguy!

This is a multi-tasking product that can not be underestimated in our homes, most especially with the fact that it can be use for security .

Thanks for the Hunt

bravo, I love this product for it's multiple functions, for a product to have a great multiple functions and still look portable in size, wow am really
amazed, Great hunt hunter

nice hunt and nice device. Anyway here's my thought about it :

-minimalist design with modern UI
-Alexa support
-Control most of your home appliances

-lacks of portability because it stick to your wall

Home lighting system. It has a very stylish view on the wall (it looks like in the product illustrations). It is a product that you can easily do many things, from predicting your music to giving your speakers. Great hunt.

Your Hunt is Approved :)

Well done!

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SteemHunt Moderation Team

The best thing in this product is that its connectible to other smart devicces so you can make a full smart home system. It has camera control so you can watch after your kids. It will make your home more sweet than ever.

The product can be mounted on the wall and offers direct control of touch, sound and movement. It is an intelligent lighting solution that also connects to other smart home products. It is really a very useful product. Thank you.


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