​Nikon COOLPIX W100​ - Waterproof camera with good durability

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​Nikon COOLPIX W100​

Waterproof camera with good durability



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Hunter's comment

This is really cool affordable waterproof camera with good durability, as per the official website the camera could survive the fall from 6 feet and could submerged upto 32 feet underwater.

It had WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity with the capturing ability of 1080p video at 30 fps.

With cool 13.2 megapixel it has a good official price $156.95 it is a must have camera for travellers who love to go for general underwater photography.

For more information please visit the official website.

Thanks Everyone.




Hunter: @mustavi


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Thanks a lot! I'll follow the instructions. Thanks once again.

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only posts ranked within the top 100 for the day will recieve an upvote, and your hunter score must be above 1 to be eligible @mustavi you can learn more by joining us in discord (link above) and following along with @steemhunt 's blog posts -- thanks for hunting!

Well noted & thanks.

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It's great to have a hands-on camera product that you've handled in us, your product. The company's products or cameras are always very dear to people and in the meantime when you get a waterproof camera in a new technology, then it's no more fun, thanks to you for such a nice hunting

I can remember very near past when only Waterproof watch were available and now technology changes each day!!!
Thanks for your comments.

This is cool.
Am reading about ​Nikon COOLPIX W100​ for the first time and i love the features.

Keep hunting

Thanks a lot, this is my second hunt & first one was a duplicate so not got satisfactory results. Let's see what happens for this as this time I've searched before uploading!!!

Thanks for your time & support, I really appreciate it!

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This is really cool, you can immediately take pictures under sea water, without having to use a third tool, suitable for snokling hobbies can be obtained at affordable prices, coupled with wifi features, it is very cool in my opinion

Right you are, totally agree with you.
Thanks a lot for your comments.

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