JSEcoin - Simplifying Cryptocurrency, Commerce, Mining ,User Adoption

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Simplifying Cryptocurrency, Commerce, Mining ,User Adoption



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JSEcoin is a cryptocurrency mined by webmasters and built for everyone.The JSEcoin project has created an energy efficient new cryptocurrency that powered web browsers by large amount of resources and adopted globally by mainstream users.
Difference between traditional crypto and JSEcoin:
Traditional crypto -> JSEcoin
Excessive power consumption -> Uses surplus resources
Limited distribution pools -> Mined in a standard web
Monopolies on digital -> New website monetization
advertising method
No commercial management -> Growth and adoption systems
in place
Delayed transactions -> 30 seconds fixed block times
Limiting scaling issues -> Designed for mainstream
Bounty program:




Hunter: @munazza


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Great hunt @munazza! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Thank you :)

Yes i have mined with it .It is also offering bounty program

This is a good idea if mining is going to stay around but will it? DPOS seems like one of the paths moving forward.

Hope so :)

I agree with the author, @munazza!

Thank you :)

Great hunt, simple to use web based miner to easily mine crypto currency on any device.

That was a great hunt @munazza. How are you by the way?

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