HOVERFLY Off Road Hoverboard - Take on all new terrains with the off-road hoverboard

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HOVERFLY Off Road Hoverboard

Take on all new terrains with the off-road hoverboard



Hunter's comment

Back with Gotrax, a hoverboard that has a speed that can make the heart thrilling, equipped with a battery that has been tested, with a power of 350W and can fly to the sky that has a speed of 12 miles, is very pleasant.

Travel in a space-age style with HOVERFLY XL cosmic colors and bright moon LED lights





Hunter: @muhilham28


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  • 8 inch rugged tires, Hoverboard
  • Electrical safety certified
  • Dual 350W motor
  • Max speed is about 12 kph
  • 30 degrees climbing limit
  • charging time is about 1.5 hours


  • None

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  • good hoverboard with led lights
  • good design and it comes in different colours
  • the tech is not an innovation
  • there are already several competitiors in that market

Solid construction, durable tires. This is the perfect birthday present for 13-15-year-old kids. Superb hunt @muhilham28