Wavestar - The device convert kinetic wave energy into Electricity

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The device convert kinetic wave energy into Electricity



Hunter's comment

  • I introduced an innovative product called Wavestar.

  • The device converts kinetic wave energy into electricity.

  • It's equipped kinetic-energy harvesters called floats. The floats move up and down with the kinetic motion of the waves.

  • The movement of the floats exchanged by means of water power to create control generators.

  • When the storm is coming, the floats can be lifted to a safe position.

  • The the length of 20 floats is about 10 m in diameter.

  • Each power station will be able to produce 6 megawatts of electricity.

  • The single machine to provide energy for 4000 homes.




Hunter: @muhammadhateeb


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Great Hunt!


Wow great to see they finally found a way to harvest wave energy. Heard a few years back they tried if worh some wort of a foil and it worked great but st some point the foil always broke under the sheer forces of the waves.

Keep on the good work!

There are so many projects out there that enable us to hardness the energy around us. It is really amazing to see what is happening.

Great hunt.

Waves are essential to nature. In our world where 80% is in liquid, this could be a great source of energy. I think our country needs this.

One day we can see this in all countries. This product is very good to enter the world market. Especially by the sea and ocean side countries are very lucky. Thanks for the hunt.


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This is a great device to generate power using natural resources like the waves. It is also eco-friendly by not using finite resources like nuclear power.

This is truly an amazing idea, considering the size of the ocean exceeds land, there are certainly very many sources of electricity that will be obtained with this tool, thank you for sharing.

Great hunting

This tool is very useful that it can convert the wave energy to electricity energy. It brings benefit to the city that near the sea because there are unlimited resources to be transformed into electricity.

After solar energy, I think the most cleverly designed electricity generation mechanism. I do not understand why so far not thought. Simply great. Thanks for the sharing.


I never thought that this tech would be available someday, I was thinking about a carpet that be able to put above the sea and covert it to electricity. Now its possible, and its great seeing this hunt here. I hope this gets approved.


Thank @chuuuckie for the great comment. Its my pleasure

It is always great idea to use kinetic energy into electricity, it is harmless to the environment and also low costed for long haul term. Wavestar is a perfect project and perfect hunt.

Its amazing and much-needed technology for countries which are facing power problems. The best thing is, it is eco-friendly.
Great Hunt.

This is definitely an awesome innovation. Once the device is manufactured, it will produce 100% clean, renewable energy. The era when coal and oil are used for electricity is coming to an end, and products like this will speed their demise. Excellent hunt.

Electricity is created with some very difficult and costly ways. Most of the backward areas of the world are still living without electricity. But here in advanced countries people are inventing latest stuff. Awesome

In my opinion, a ship-size plant produces very little energy. But it was still very well thought out. It can be further improved in the future. Cool product.

Great innovation hunter..
Your hunt is a 5 start hunt.. thumbs up

Wavestar, The device convert kinetic wave energy into Electricity. A dire need of the time. If I get a chance I will purchase one for me. Thanks

No doubt this is hunt of the day from my side. This feature is so precious and made it unique for everyone: In the event of the storm the floats can be lifted to a safe position. Keep your great work up

Hii @muhammadhateeb, glad to know through your excellent hunt about the introduction and achievement of an innovative product "Wavestar." This device produces electricy by converting kinetic wave energy. I think it is a revolutionary product in the field of energy.

This is a great innovation for hydraulic power converters. It is ecofriendly too. Cool hunt!

Its really nice hunt & wonderful technology

Nice hunt!
I like these technology stuff really much!
They are going to change our world and our life definitely
Thanks for the sharing

I saw a video about this before. They say this converts more energy that hydraulic generators that uses wheels. This is surely a great innovation. :)

Amazing hunt, in which kinetic wave energy coverts into electricity. This is indeed EPIC. Most advanced use of technology. Great hunt