Rotoflex 300 - Best bed for Fizioterapie person

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Rotoflex 300

Best bed for Fizioterapie person


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Hunter's comment

Hi! I am a university student who loves the latest device.


I introduced an innovative BED called Rotoflex 300.

This bed helps those in with limited mobility get up. It's the rotoflex by theraposture. Fizioterapie person easy to use it and control by remote. The Rotocare 175 is an electrically operated. This bed also convert into chair.



Hunter: @muhammadhateeb

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I hope you enjoy this photo from pexels.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Love too see products that help people to get a better life. With innovation, everything will make our life easier. 👍

It's a great invention for medical institutes. Easily convertible to desired positions. Convenient for both patients as well as doctors and attenders.
Good hunt

Its sad to see technology taking place work of people from their hand. But they make life easier, looks like each hospital will own those beds in the near future because its with many aims.

That bed would be great to be implemented in the vast majority of hospitals in my country, although it will take many months for it to be implemented worldwide.

By the way, good hunting on your part, greetings ..

Strong, safe and smooth powered profiling, rotation and variable height
A variety of bed sizes
Full compliance with British Standard BSEN60601-2-52 regarding safe working heights and entrapment risks

this bed really a breakthrough.. it can ease the hospital work and also to help people that need therapy have a good way to up and down from bed. cool hunt

congratulations @muhammadhateeb
Your product / application has been approved by hunt moderator,
the product you are sharing is very interesting.
I like it very much.

great hunt.

Thanks to its robotic movements, it is a bed that can be used both for chairs and beds, for physiotherapy patients. I think it is more suitable for intensive care patients and elderly people. It will be very helpful during mealtimes.

It is a great product for disable people, elder people. They can move everything automatically. Great hunt.

Amazing Hunt @muhammadhateeb. This bed is the great invention in the medical field. I wait for your next hunt.

Rotoflex 300 manufacturing made the life of patients easy. The bed is easy to operate by remote control and has a capability to transform into sofa. Great hunt

  • Strong, safe and smooth powered profiling, rotation and variable height
  • A variety of bed sizes
  • Full compliance with British Standard
  • Bespoke designs with a variety of aesthetically pleasing finishes
  • Two sets of fitted sheets that remain in position during powered profiling

Wow this thing is seriously amazing!!!!!!
It can help people with less or no mobility. I has my grand mother she got fractured leg it was so difficult to pull her out of bed for any particular reason. I know that how its gonna help those families. Its really a gift for those families but not only them but for the patients too. Simply great.!!
Amazing hunt!!

What a wonderful bed. Those that are mobility will get up conveniently without any issues. This is so unique because of the remote its using.

Nice one hunter

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A great product I hope to never need.

The multi function that the Bed comes with makes me to love it. those with disability will be happy for such device.


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