PD-ANY - Fly anything from this DRONE

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Fly anything from this DRONE



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Hi! I am a university student who loves the latest device.


I introduced an innovative DRONE called PD-ANY.

"Don’t use a drone to carry your payload, turn your payload into a drone"

It is also wireless.

You can fly anything from this drone, like a chair and table.

water resistance.




Hunter: @muhammadhateeb


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It is impressive how the technology grows every day, not only drones are used to record video and capture photos, they can upload what you want. Congratulations

I feel like you'd have to mount the propellers perfectly at the right angle to fly this.


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What a feature carrying stuff with drone,little shocked to see this drone is capable of carrying that much load,people will just like it they want someone or something to pick things for them now is the time for it,it's futuristic gadget.

I would use to fly a fake witch around on a broom

Soon we will travel with drones. It's really interesting. But I loved it. Great Hunt!