NOAQ Flood Fighting System - Protect Against Flood

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NOAQ Flood Fighting System

Protect Against Flood


Hunter's comment

Hi! I am , a university student who loves the latest devices. I introduced an innovative product called NOAQ Boxwall. These simple barriers could drive the flash floods. NOAQ Boxwall is an interlocking flood barrier. It can stand up to immense water pressure. Clamps at the top add extra support. Each boxwall weights 7.5 lbs, making it lighter than a sandbag. They can also set up much faster.

For more information watch this video.



Hunter: @muhammadhateeb

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Hi @muhammadhateeb,

Thanks for your hunt. Because both tube wall and box wall have the same page, can you please change the product title (through the website) to NOAQ Flood Fighting System.

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested change.


I have updated my post.Now you can check it.

Nice hunt, a system that prevent water from flowing. I hope all the flood-prone regions get this installed.


  • Each piece is lighter than a sand bag.
  • Clamps together easily.


  • Although lighter than a sandbag, at that size I'm sure they aren't easy to maneuver in rushing water.

Hmm. Interesting. I never saw a product like this that can prevent liquid from escaping out. I wonder whats the principle behind this.

This might be a blueprint to avoid Tsinami disasters or maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself, still, awesome hunt!

Hi, @muhammadhateeb, Cool Hunt
Here is my opinion about your product.


  • I really like this flood barrier because it is lightweight therefore can be deployed quickly by a single person.
  • This barrier ensure to save more property in less time.
  • It's nice to see that it is stable and well anchored.
  • It can also be used in curves and at corners which is great.
  • It takes little storage space when stacked and very easy to transport.


  • There is nothing negative to say about this product overall a unique and useful flood barriers.

I'm from the Philippines and some areas get flooded easily. I don't think this would be really helpful in our country since there's a lot of rivers and seas and the water level increaces in short amount of time. There's no other place to redirect the flash flood. This will surely be of use in other places though. Great hunt! :)

How simple things can be that helps us greatly! I would think many people will start buying these systems to protect their houses when living in areas where fluids are a returning event. Luckily I live above water and sea level without mountains or even hills within a range of 50 kilometers, therefore dont need it :)

Great hunt.. This can really help in flood prone communities.. NOAQ serves as barriers so that the water from flood could not enter.. I am hoping that it can withstand an immense pressure of water.. from the video, it uses a controlled water to test the strength of NOAQ.. Flood has a lot of pressure and sometimes carriers debris.. Hope it will withstand..

Floods and flash floods are a big problem these days. This looks like a very simple, yet useful technology that can benefit a lot of people. It's amazing how something so light could hold off that much water. The easy setup is also ingenious. I like how the guy in the video used two layers of the interlocking plastic to break the flow of water ahead of him while he completes the setup.


You're welcome. It was a good product. Good luck with​ your next one. 😃

It is good to protect you from flood. It proofs to be safe. Thanks for sharing great hunt.

This shows one more time that simple thinking most of the time offers the best solutions. Of course this hand in hand with technology and science and this is a great product!

Flood is one of the disasters of nature, and this product can help out in preventing damages from some flood level. Most floods in my area are stagnant, due to those houses built on landscape which were once river courses.

Congrats on a great hunt @muhammadhateeb! Lots of countries are fighting floods and this seems like a great solution to their problems!

Nice hunt!!

  • It has a proper and visible colour.
  • It works quite well and is lighter than a sandbag.
  • It can hold up a great deal of water pressure.
  • And is modular and flexible making it fast to deploy.
  • None for this hunt.

I am always in support of any smart inventions that prevent natural disasters. Flood is definitely a natural phenomenon we should have some level of control over due to its raging effects. So I support this flood fighting system 100%.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

Flood and other natural disasters have been killing a huge number of humans. However, if we compare current times with those in the past, we're light years ahead of tech of those days. Unfortunately, this tech is majorly used to make BIG profits. A small number of people are there who really want to serve humanity through their innovative products. Noaq Boxwall seems such a product and I hope this helps save humans from the damages of floods.

unnamed (1).gif
Your Hunt Is Very Wonderful


  • It controls floods.

  • It's very easy to set up.

Thanks for posting on steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

A useful product to prevent floods. There are too many prevent floods in the country I am in. It is possible to solve this problem with this product.

Amazing Hunt @muhammadhateeb. You can easy to use it. NOAQ Flood Fighting System change the direction of flood water. Thank you for sharing this cool hunt.

Great hunt @muhammadhateeb Usually my place often got flooded whenever there's heavy rain. It would be nice to have this technology to prevent flood. However, in case of big flood happen where water comes from the big river, i dont thing this system work.

(1) It can withstand water pressure significantly and hence can be used as a barrier.
(2) The design is simpler and light weight yet able to resist the water pressure.
(3) Can be used effectively in flood prone areas.

Thank you...steem on that hunt.

Cool hunt, if it a flash flood hits, I think it will be difficult to hold the flow of the flood just by using this tool if the floods that occur slowly and the currents are not so strong, I think this tool is more than enough.

Excellent hunt indeed!
Its a light weight, low price but high utility innovation.
Flash floods impact can be minimised by using this cool device.

If a University student can come up with such a great idea to protect from flood just imagine what can govenments do in this regard. I think this is a great product and can mitigate the losses of flood to great extent. This seems durable and thus big hindrance in the way of water. This should be really helpful. Great hunt!

"NOAQ Flood Fighting System" is a wonderful Product.

Excellent Hunting Mr @muhammadhateeb.

You really rock to introduce such a useful project due to which so many people get awareness about it. I also needed this because in rainy days often it become flood type which effected our houses, so it is a product due to which we overcome this floody problem. It is a great gift for floody areas. Thanks for sharing and keep hunting such a precious products.

This is a great invention.
Flood has claimed many lives and properties, but with the help of NOAQ Flood Fighting System,life and properties are secure to some extent.

Keep hunting

Awesome Hunt @muhammadhateeb. I like this amazing Flood Fighting System. You can use its flat surface. I wait for your next greaat hunt.

You did a great job with this.
I love this hunt as it focuses on protecting people's lives alongside properties.

With the help of NOAQ Flood Fighting System, getting wipe out by flood will be control.

Flood is very serious a threat that needs to be effectively dealt with. Although this may not do much on a wider scale, it's actually great

whoaah this thing is suitable in my country, especially when rainfall season like this

great artifact and with the amount of floods that there is ultimately is a result to save lives

Great invention, floods are more frequents, it will be very useful to minimize the damage. Nice hunt @muhammadhateeb

Cool hunt

It is really innovative technology . it is worth purchasing because no body knows when and how calamity like flood will hit any area. It is especially important for people living in flood prone areas.

Great hunt @muhammadhateeb

Innovative and useful product. Especially in dense rains and sewer blockages, flooding occurs on the roads. This often brings about major problems. This product will be really useful, it can be used in areas with water puddles.

It’s good to actually get a product which aims at tackling flood. This is really good and it proofs to be safe and secure

Good hunt

It's stop flood. Innovative idea thanks for sharing. But how much water flow it stop???

recently we experienced a heavy rain and flood in our state, most of the places sunk in water, many lives and property lost. This one is perfect for redirecting the flow of the water to another area. It is an awesome idea to have by the departments in disaster management. This can be applied by studing the area and its contours. fantastic idea and hunt. thank you


thank you for the feed back brother

My country is suffering a series of floods in some villages this would be of great help so that it does not spread more good hunting

Good HUnt Muhammad. It's great to see new innovations that have great use cases and could prevent large scale flooding in the future. I would love to see this scaled up and used for those areas that are prone to large storms and floods. Solid hunt


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I think. it's a really good product for any fisheries. It's so great.

This would pretty much help to control flood in riverine areas, Great hunt.

This is actualy a product which can saves you from flood effects. Great product. And great hunt

good hunt man, ideas for help to work and improve life that is what we need

Wow, Its so amazing. You are really good hunter. Today you hunt a cool device by this we can capable to spot the flooding water.

Amazing hunt yhanyou for sharing


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