FE-15 - Fire Fighting Drone

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Fire Fighting Drone


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Hi! I am @muhammadhateeb, a university student who loves the latest devices.
I introduced an innovative drone called Fire Fighting 15. The FE15 conveys a high amplification telescope and the high edge rate night vision camera. With high exactness, it can dispatch the fire douser shot precisely in a mind-boggling discharge climate condition.


  • Provide clear vision at night.

  • Use as a fire extinguisher.

  • High megapixel camera (30X).

  • Long Flight range about 35 minutes.

  • It carries a heavy load of about 13 kilograms.

  • It body is flexible and easily fold.

  • Uses infrared TOF technology




Hunter: @muhammadhateeb


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What a great drone! Can't wait to see more hunted drones with different features and unique operations. Thanks for sharing @muhammadhateeb


thankyou for the feedback

Always love lifesaving hunts! Interesting how it can be used as a fire extinguisher! It can reach places fireman can't reach that quick and easy. This could be a real game changer!

Great quality post, love the layout and the information you give! Keep up your hunts!

Enjoy the weekend :)

Great hunt @muhammadhateeb! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

Hi, @muhammadhateeb, Great Hunt
Below is my review about your product.


  • It also carries a high magnification telescope with high precision.
  • it can launch the fire extinguisher projectile accurately in a complex fire weather environment.
  • The drone has great shooting and rescue efficiency.


  • No cons found for this hunt, phone drone really is a fun and unique drone.