EleksLaser A3 - Laser light Printer

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EleksLaser A3

Laser light Printer



Hunter's comment

Hi! I am a university student who loves the latest device.


I introduced an innovative PRINTER called EleksLaser A3


  • Laser light Printer.

  • Control by computer.

  • Easy to use it.

  • Working range (LB) 380mm300mm.

  • Injected Laser light in Wood, Fiber, Balsa and Plastic.




Hunter: @muhammadhateeb


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Hi @muhammadhateed,

Thanks for your hunt. Bef ore I can approve it, can you please replace the product link (on steemhunt.com) with this link:


Without the index.html in the link, the site seems to be in an endless loop when trying to load.

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested change.


I have updated my post. Now you can check it.

I checked its features and EleksLaser A3 seems to be a great laser printer. Thanks for sharing.

EleksLaser A3 is an amazing printer which is easy to use. It is controlled by computer and has a good range. Thanks for great hunt

I like this laser light printer due to Working range (LB) 380mm300mm. Beacause its provide more clearity and words clearance.


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