Ceri Launcher - Refreshing Look for your Smartphone

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Ceri Launcher

Refreshing Look for your Smartphone



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Ceri Launcher is one of the most unique Android launchers I have encountered. Unlike most of the launchers with boring homescreen setup, Ceri has a honeycomb layout.


The launcher has a true dark mode to save some battery. Ceri Launcher is currently in "Early Access" phase, however, there aren't quite bugs to trouble.


In collaboration with the dev, I am giving away 20 promo codes for Pro version of this launcher (worth $40), among which 10 codes will be chosen from the comment on this STEEMHUNT post.





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It's not as good as the Tiles of the Windows phones. It was simply the best. But I assume trying that would get a lawsuit from Microsoft. The look and convenience is much improved for the Android phone with Ceri Launcher and the developer promises to never add ads. For a small $2 fee you can get the following features:

• Choose 2 or 4 columns instead of 3 in your layout
• True dark mode for OLED displays
• Extra scrolling animations
• Notification dots
• Custom side gestures

I don't know, maybe I have an affinity toward circular interface, I disliked the Tiles. On the other hand, Ceri also seems very minimalistic.

And yeah, if you participate in the giveaway, that $2 small fee will be waived. :)


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get them on reviewhunt @mtimetraveller!!

Oh, forgot about that. :)
The dev is just starting out, I guess. But let's see if I can convince him. He really can get some quality users from our community.

Thanks for reminding, @karamyog.

it would be great to get a campaign going for them. plus if they are on discord, may be they can get a lot of benefit from our experienced mods. I see some who are active on mosaeek discord and i think that is an immense value add for someone launching something new. besides creating social media hype oc ;)

Cool lookin' app. Nice hunt @mtimetraveller! I am an iOS user, but if I had an Android I would definitely want my screen to look like this. Nice and sleek. Happy hunting!

We get bored with default icons of the phone and having a new launcher gives a refreshing look to our phone. NIce and creative idea. Cool Hunt.


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I’m on an iPhone. Is something for iOS in the works?
Like the Ceri Launcher true dark mode. @mtimetraveller That could be a good battery saver.

I am afraid iOS allows these kind of customization apps like Android.
But if you really are for dark mode, doesn't the latest iOS has in-built dark mode?

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Yes. @mtimetraveller iOS does have dark mode.

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