Reverie-Adjustable Bed/Mattres - A must have bed for every home

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Reverie-Adjustable Bed/Mattres

A must have bed for every home



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Hunter's comment

We all wants to have a good night sleep. But most times, we can't get good sleep because the bed we are sleeping on is not good for our body.

Reverie beds and mattresses is specifically designed to improve sleeping and at the same time, serve multiple purposes.

Features of the device:

  1. Adjustable stand
  2. Smartphone App enabled
  3. Built with Anti-snoring technology
  4. Built with smooth-quiet movement-technology

This is a must have for everyone. It's a must have for every home



Hunter: @mrposyble

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This is so cool we need these kind of awesome products great innovation in between truely its a great hunt dear friend.

Also suitable for the disable patient who cannot turn or adjust them self on the bed. With this kind of bed, the family can change their position by adjust the bed.

Hey , this is nice 👍
But you mean Built with Anti-snoring technology ? 😮 How does that work ? Like it silents the human snoring sound ?

With its adjustable movement and smooth/quiet position, it automatically adjust to the position that would prevent or even stop someone from snoring.

Research has shown that snoring is caused by bad sleeping position.