Shortcut Bar - Favorite files and folders at your fingertips

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Shortcut Bar

Favorite files and folders at your fingertips



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Hello Guys:

Shortcut Bar is an amazing app that is basically used to connects you to the files, folders, apps, web bookmarks and text snippets. It arrange your data in a perfect manner, there is no limit that how much data you want to align, store and highlight. This app has incredible and outclass features which are mentioned below: if you want to get access to these important files and folders, simply click on the menu bar icon and select the item from the drop down list.

Key Features: (Official)

  • This app increase efficiency at your work
  • Quick access to your important folder
  • Collapse and expand group
  • it also allows you to add text snippets to your shortcuts menu
  • Available at price US $ 8.99.
  • You can also download free trial version from the web.
  • It required OS X 10.10 or later to use.



Hunter: @mrgamer

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congrats you are [verified]

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@teamhumble, thank you so much for your acknowledgement, i am trying to bring quality posts for steemhunt community and also appreciate you all the moderators efforts in this regard.

love the product!
can you upload the images with higher resolution from next time though? it's too blury to see

@tabris, ok, love to do that. thanks for your remarks.

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