FUSION GAMING HEADSET - Turn up your game with PowerA Gaming Headset

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Turn up your game with PowerA Gaming Headset






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Overview - Fusion Gaming Headset by PowerA:

"Fusion Gaming Headset by PowerA" is an amazing headst which normally comes in very good packaging and the build quality is very good. what makes it better is the price, quality, design, and ultimately its performance.

you can use it with different platforms, like, PC, MAC, mobile devices, Xbox one, PS4.

Key Features (Official):

  1. Large 50mm drivers that deliver stereo sound,
  2. Deep bass and crisp highs,
  3. Noise-isolating ear cups for the ultimate sound experience.
  4. Discreet, on-ear controls
  5. Flexible boom
  6. An LED mute indicator
  7. The adjustable memory foam headband
  8. comfort for long-lasting gaming sessions.
  9. Crystal clear chat
    10 Effective result

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I hear it's a good one!
haven't tried it tho!
I gotta have some killer between those 2 foams :D

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