- Turn phone calls into podcasts

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Turn phone calls into podcasts



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CallCast turns your phone calls into podcasts. Itis the easiest way to record, edit, and distribute your podcast, all from your mobile device. If you could call and interview anyone, whose number would you dial? With its integrated call recording software, you no longer have to jump through hoops to feature someone on your podcast. No fancy equipment, no call merging, no external apps- just make a phone call. Everything you need to interview the perfect guest is at your fingertips.


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Great hunt dear friend
This is really helpful tool through which we can turn our phones to podcasts.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Interesting hunt that I will give it a try to see its way of wokring.

I don't know how podcast turns from the phone calls. This sound cool

Recording phone calls and turning itto become podcast is a great adventure to have. We can easily document our calls.

To keep a record of conversation will be really amazing. Making podcast to keep a record of phone conversion.

Wow. Phone calls into podcast. Nice idea and innovative hunting.


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