Green Cycling - Get rewarded for Sustainable Traveling

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Green Cycling

Get rewarded for Sustainable Traveling



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Hunter's comment

Love riding your bicycle and get rewarded for your sweat, then Green Cycling is the app to get.

The user gathers rewards in form of discounts which can be used within your local restaurants, cafeterias and even museums. Furthermore, you can share the pictures of your travels via the app.
The creators aim to form a movement called “#GreenMovement”, which tackles today’s pollution issue and encourages people to move sustainable from A to B.

The idea is simple, the more you ride the more you shall be rewarded, and you can use those rewards according to your own liking.



Hunter: @mrclave71

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Bike Riders would love this rewarding platform. Now they can earn money while traveling on a bike. It sounds like a Careem and Uber that the ride more, the earn more. The World's best fun way to earn. Cool

Cycling is must be good for our health and this is a great idea to ride our bike for getting good points level. I really like the feature of this app that we can share our pictures of traveling through using this app.

Nice thinking to remain sustainable and keep the earth pollution free.
In today's life, fossil-fueled vehicles' ratios are immensely increased. We are consuming these fuels and producing pollutants daily at large scales while human-driven vehicles are abandoned by humans. We need to think about this. Bicycles not only keep earth pollution free but also it is an exercise and a very good one. If adopt bicycles in our lives instead of motor vehicles, it will cost us nothing except the purchase price, it will improve our health and also it will be good for our upcoming generations.
Inspirations like Green Cycling should be encouraged. They did a good job for the environment and for us.

It's a really interesting app. I think people who travel by bicycle will like it. I can add some fun to my bike trip. Plus, I like that I can get a discount at the restaurant during travel. I'd like to use it. Thank you for sharing.

I like the concept, very simple just ride your bike, and get points for kilometers travelled to have discount in your local shops. On paper, it looks great but I wonder what are the benefits for partners who will accept the points generated ? and how to attract them ?
Thanks for sharing this Kickstarter project @mrclave71

I believe they want to generate more traffic in order ensure that the local business will not die out. On another note, i think they want to acquire more consumers and ensure that they have loyal customers. I think in today's society people tend to take things for granted and using your bike to some people does not hold value, but with this idea, even people who think like that might see this app as their stimulus to be sustainable and be rewarded for acting upon it. Hope this somewhat answers your question and I appreciate the comment. @heroldius

I understand the principle (excellent by the way, reduce greenhouse gases and encourage local shops, Perfect for cities). But you have to have an large discount-offers to attract cyclists and for businesses, a number of important Green cycling users to have an impact on their turnover. All the success to the team behind this project, it's a great one.

wow, nice discussion here :thumbsup: :beers: this what we need....

btw, i will not disturb both of you, just wanna say "Cheers"!!! and continue nice discussion.

haha thank you:) discussions are a great way to learn from each other because cognitive diversity is truly important. @calprut

Cool Hunt! But how will the app ensure that the distance travelled was because of riding a bicycle? I for one think that using a car or just riding a bus will still allow one to get some sort of rewards.

This would be really really great though if they have a somewhat protective mechanism in place that will ensure that all miles travelled were done via a bicycle or the whole point of "Green Cycling" would be all moot. XD

Great Hunt!

Travelers usually spend but here is the opposite. I would love to travel though I need to learn riding the bicycle. 😃 It has been ages since I last rode one that I do not even know how to balance it these days. Maybe I'll go back to practicing if this app will become available in my country. 😊

Excellent application to motivate us to be more active, and at the same time participate in the reduction of the pollution. I will reccomend this app to all my friends who love cycling :)

Aweosme idea for promotino of Cycling its is also health and provide earning and boost your motivation toword cycling . Lot of people and addiction to earn more they spend lot of time here on earning sites but this is also awesome idea because people use other vihical but if they use cycle they can earn littel bit . But its not only about earning the main focos is their health is more imporve by this idea. Nice hunt

mispelled "vihical" :grin:

Honestly, none of the people should get rewarded for riding a bike, because it is harmless to the environment and also it is good for our health. I like riding bike so much, and Green Cycling would be a great way for the people to prefer bicycle. Awesome hunt.

Great because apart from enjoying a good bike ride you can earn money and of course you are at the same time doing something very good for your health. Excellent hunting friend

a very practical way of encouraging us to change the cars that use fuel for bicycles, that in addition to helping to not pollute the planet, will serve us to be in shape and improve our health, this application is great, we can receive discount in its stores for just riding a bicycle, this without Doubt is the smartest way to encourage people, excellent hunting.

This is a very good and inspirational concept. Green cycling is a very eco friendly cycling app. Just ride your bike, which improves your body's mobility. I love cycling, and it will be a great way for people to run green cycling to improve health.
Of course, this green cycling will be a great hunting. @mrclave71

This is a very ecological friendly cycling gear to wear. The design and prints on it make others aware of the green nature of your gear. I think more companies should support there efforts in ecological friendly clothing.
Very nice Hunt and thanks for sharing!

Brilliant project!

But why only biking? It would be great if the project can promote other activities like walking and jogging too ...and may be the use of public transport as well!

It's a good start anyway. May it succeed and other similar projects may follow!

I would love for something like this to take off in my country. Our fuel subsidy is being phased out and we produce a lot of pollution so it would be a win-win if more people cycled. We'd need bike paths though.

i wish i could get bitcoins from them but it's very cool idea and it's very very healthy .
now you will earn for maintaining your health .
i love to ride bicycle soo much thats best for me .

The user gathers rewards in form of discounts which can be used within your local restaurants, cafeterias and even museums. Furthermore, you can share the pictures of your travels via the app.
The creators aim to form a movement called “#GreenMovement”, which tackles today’s pollution issue and encourages people to move sustainable from A to B.

yes pollution issue is main issue these days and this product will overcome it easily and Will save petrol for future ..
great hunt keep on hunting friend 😊

Amazing motivating and inspiring hunt @mrclave71😃
This is truly a great initiative towards reducing global warming issues our planet has been suffering from years. Along with discount coupons, the team will give the members sharing picture with a hoodies and special thanks pack that might contain some interesting and surprising gifts😀😁Riding cycle is the cheapest thing you can do. Cycling is like doing exercise that improves your body mobility and improves health. So with this app, you are on your own for personal development and environment protection from carbon gases emission. Coolest app
Happy Hunting😉

The bikers will now more motivated riding a bicycle that they will also earn rewards after they travel in distant places. It has also an app that you will stay connected and you can see maps to find places where you want to go.

This is a cool idea to get more people active and encourage them to leave their gas guzzling vehicles at home. Nice hunt!

wao Green Cycling is very sweet app and a well initiative for for this positive move #GreenMovement. Really attractive and environment friendly app which rewarded our sweat by riding and cycling. Thanks @mrclave71 for introducing.

If the block chain is applied, it will produce more synergies.

I am all up for integrating this on the blockchain, in other words I agree :).

@mrclave71 this is a cool hunt. Besides swimming, cycling is my thing. I need to look int this as I never heard of green cycling and getting rewarded for sustainable training. It needs to be something that needs working out with the local store. Will investigate into this.

pollution free ride or pollution free traveling is very nice for our environment. we have to use such products for better health also

Ger rewards and discounts the price! Really cool!

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This is a great initiative and just put us all out there in the nature and biking.
Rewarding the bikers is something that encourages this sport.

This is one of the great opportunity to keep yourself healthy and motivated through this app.

Healthy: Go out, cycling, find new places, feast your eyes with greenery

motivate: Primary motivation of this app is you can share your activity and earn money (Money the best motivation I presume)

By this app, you can attain both health and money that is why this is the best app in my knowledge.

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