Go to Sleep - Open sourced sleep reminding app!

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Go to Sleep

Open sourced sleep reminding app!



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We all know how important is to get a goodnight sleep and feel recharged in the morning. Sadly, many people struggle to find sleep or get not enough sleep because of stressful days at work for example. Sleep deficiency has been tied to an increase of getting a stroke, high blood pressure and the list goes on. So, do not take sleep for granted!


This app tries to help you maintain a sleep rhythm with your customisation that work best for you. Its simplistic and easy design wants to ensure that you get enough sleep and understand how to utilize this app for your own good.
I think it is great that this is an open source code and people can contribute and help build this app via GitHub as a community is only as strong as its members!




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Another awesome app for reminding sleep 😃 Well this one is also enough good to have used this for getting good sleep. I agreed lack of sleep can bad effect on health, so this application solves that problem.

obviously nice innovation. Especially for mine. I can't maintain my sleeping time for my idleness. I will must try it.

I dont know how successfully sleep problems can be solved by an app reminding one to go to sleep. Hope it covers other reminders like, dont drink caffeine or alcohol etc. That's still additional nudges during the day. I really doubt this one.

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  • Lots of sleep apps on the market. Less open source ones.

As the current time everyone is too much busy and a tight schedule of daily working effected in our behaviours. Often mostly peoples complaining about their sleeping problems so due to which they cuaht by different diseases such as sugar, blood pressure and so on. "Go To Sleep" is an airdrop in the frozen life of such peples . it provide them opportunity to change their life style and adopt valuable schedule to get deep sleep and get up with freshness.

Is this really open source?, i mean we can program it?
if yes, we can learn how to code the App. Its better to observe - thorough - modification

Pretty great and yeah sleeping is indeed one of the most oriented things that is indeed necessary for us while this app could be really an efficient tool for us. While a good night sleep is indeed necessary for the refreshment of the next day and to keep it going for that day.

Very nice App. Sleeping habit make good health I am sure by using this we get nice sleep everyday. In modern life, peoples should aware of this type of apps. Sleeping habits make health good and we stay active for the whole day. It's very helpful taking good sleep everyday.

I am having trouble sleeping. I would appreciate an app or device that will help me sleep to the real sense of sleeping well and having a good rest. But just an app to remind me to sleep this one? I don't think I would need it because I don't forget when I have to sleep. I just can't immediately sleep when it is time to so in a nutshell, I need a sleeping pill. Not a reminder like this.

Good thing that this is open source so others may customize it to their preferences.

Great idea to maintain sleep deficiency and get a enough sleep. Because proper sleep is very important for our health and best work. After a long day work and stress we can't sleep properly so this app is really good to understand your sleep condition and helps you to maintain a sleep rythem. It is best app to get a perfect sleep.

This is a great app. It has reminded to go to sleep countless times. Sometimes you just dive too deep into the rabbit whole of YouTube and you need someone to get you out.

I agree with all the aspects you described but what about people like me who can't sleep at night it's my habit from childhood well it's our family problem we are night owls we sleep round about 3 or 4.am. sometimes i feel so lazy in university but i'm used to it. but lemme try this because i'm fed up from my this bad habit :/ .... somedays i decide to change my routine i actually work on but the next day again the same lame routine :/..

Sleeping reduce day by day because of lot of work and other acitivies our sleeping time not mantain. THis application helps us to sleep well and provide notifacation and reminder when going to sleep .

Sincerely, I need this because i usually find it very difficult to sleep, Most especially when am tired and gone through a lot of stress, Tonight is definitely another battle,

I need this for myself seriously, I wish i could sleep 8 hours just the way others do. If GO TO SLEEP can help me sleep properly, Will be so glad.

And the fact that it's an open source app will give Users the chance of contributing and makers develop the app further.

Great Hunt @mrclave71


Sleep is the most important thing in our life and we should have at least 6 hours of sleep a day. To be fresh and energetic day we must have a better sleep and this is a sleep reminder app that will remind us that. Simple and clean app.
Nice hunt

Sleep is the beautiful thing of nature

i have lots of relatives who dont get good sleep and sometimes get medicines to get sleep . the medicines also have side effects which causes health issues ( not scientifically proved but its my observation ) .
but good sleep is blessing and what i think is

you should check your time of sleeping

it helps alot to give perfect sleep some people say 8 hours for a young and 5 for old aged people .

this app will alert you that its time to sleep so you dont waste that perfect timing

we should sleep according to nature to get best sleep

sir @mrclave71 you have done great work by providing us this beautiful app because good sleep is necessary .

I wish the direct weblink would be more informative, but going through the github, I noticed it is still building towards a more perfect piece, especially since it is community oriented.

Along with titbit messages hiting towards going to sleep, I hope it has an option of auto-airplane mode or blocking few websites after a chosen time-period...to help the slackers :D
Also a work planner would be nice, which could recommend daily sleep patterns according to workload of the day
and finally a full analyzer of sleep habits would be really cool, especially if you really want to work on your sleep habit
I hope they call it anti-alarm LOL

So this app works like this: you to set up the bed time you desire to achieve and customize your sleep reminders in order to start good habit with the new sleep schedule. I already downloaded a similar app, but I only get the notification, that I usually ignore :) Hope this reminder is more persistent in reminding you that the time for sleep is coming. However, this would be a good start in creating new sleep time habit, but it depends on us also. I will check this out, because I need this kind of reminder! Great hunt! :)

I need it most. It's 1.15 am here and I'm still in steemhunt !!
It's very true we don't have much control on ourselves to keep us away from social media or others. A reminder could be a great help to keep it in our mind that it's time to go.
Thanks for sharing. Good Night.

I sincerely do needs this app alotp. The irregularities with my sleeping period is getting more intense lately. Thanks for sharing this app @mrclave71

Wow! What a cool proudct for everyone and for engineers also .Many times we are unable to sleep because we are busy in making some project and due to this we forget to sleep.But now with this we can easily sleep and it can also reminds us to sleep.And wtih this we cannot leave our timings of sleep.
Actually I found this very good technology. thanks for sharing.... great hunting. @mrclave71

I agree, sleep is very important and you have to be smart when you choose your bedtime hour. I find this very useful, actually I'm going to recommend it to a friend. Thanks for this hunt, it's great!

Great hunt. It's great that we have apps like this. I really need something like this. I think iphones have this built inside which is something of a plus for Apple phones. Nowadays, it's really hard to tell whether when it's the time to sleep as we indulge too much.

nice hunt
great effort from the developer to make an interesting and good app that help to remind you about sleeping time.

In fact, in this age of modern technology, sometimes it feels very helpless, because of not being able to sleep enough. I can not sleep much by trying. Also noted that a good sleep can revitalize the body.

I'm actually very excited about this app, because it can help us about the sleep. GOOL HUNT Thanks @mrclave71

I can't sleep at night, too much to do all the time. I hate sleeping :(

Sleeping efficiently is very important and it affects our all day, school life, work life, social life etc.
Go to sleep may be a good way to improve our sleep habit.
I am happy to see an open-sourced GitHub project, so we can contribute it. Great hunt.

Life can be so filled with activities that some people even forget to sleep.
Sleep is one of the best friend made of rest, you and I really need it.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

Sleep deprivation can damage one's health greatly in long run...
This app can help people to manage their sleep and maintain a healthy routine.
Even I can't get enough sleep, thanks to Steemit!!!hahaha
Awesome hunt!!!

Is there anything like sleep reminder? I guess no! Most people misinterpret 'go to bed' for 'go to sleep'. You can set a reminder to go to bed but not to go to sleep because no one actually knows when he is going to sleep. Funny but true

Sometimes I wonder to think of fast growth of technology & it impacts in our real life. I just check out this app. Don't know how much impact in real life but curious to check out that.

Wao another awesome app for reminding sleep. lack of sleep can bad effects on health, so this application solves that problem.A deep sleep makes health good and we stay active for the whole day. It's very helpful taking good sleep everyday.this app is very helpful... Great hunt

Love it. Always a problem falling asleep. This has a timer and I don't have a problem anymore. Falling asleep quickly and sleeping like a baby now

We've been going to bed pretty late for a while, sometimes we are more creative in the night and sleep doesn't seem to get our attention. This app seems like a good solution for people like us. I'm going to download it on my Android to try it out. Thank you for sharing!

Great Hunt! Sleep is the basic need of every individual and with the help of this tool may be the sleep become better and in a perfect routine. However we all are sleeping at night but not in the specific time frame that may cause some diseases so this could be a great app for your health to sleep better and stay fit and fresh for the next day

THe name and the aim of the application is so great. There are many people around the world that suffer from Insomnia or have the sleep disorders. This could be a great way for those people to make their sleeping time ordered. And the fact that it is open source its even better. Like it!

@mrclave71 cool hunt and i also lately there has been a lot of these kind of apps coming out. Actually it is important that we need a good sleep so as to be able to get up refreshed and fully charged for the day. Everyone's stress is different and everyone's rhythm is different so it is good that this app can tap into our particular rhythm to help us. Also great to know this is open source software too Kudos. Great hunt.

this would greatly help most people who work from home

Wow. I haven't looked at my steemhunt profile but I was not expecting this much positive feedback. Thank you all for sharing your inputs and commenting on my hunt. After all, we all need sleep and it shows how important it is.




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