Weetbe - First transparent mask with Fan & Screen

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First transparent mask with Fan & Screen



Hunter's comment

I often get told that there are way too many masks out there, and my response is almost always “there are way too many smartphones, laptops, and cars out there too”. Each mask, just like each phone, each car model, or each sneaker design, hopes to make its own impression, solve its own set of problems, and create a positive impact on the user and help the company earn a fair amount of money that then goes into delivering better products. Meet the weetbe mask, one of many masks featured on this site. Unlike other masks though, weetbe has a set of properties unique to it. It’s transparent, comes with not two but three filters, has an attachable face-shield component, and the best part, a modular fan-unit that snaps onto the filter on the front, power-delivering clean, filtered air to your nose and mouth for as long as 8 hours.


Nice app! This is very useful mask. I like its all features.
Keep hunting!

This is a good product. This mask is very useful in the time of Corona. nice hunt

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