Moboster - Electric Personal Vehicle Gives You a Smooth Ride

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Electric Personal Vehicle Gives You a Smooth Ride



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Meet the Moboster: an electric personal vehicle with 4 wheels that provides you with a stable, smooth ride. It comes with a Bluetooth remote control and doesn’t require your to shift your balance to steer, unlike many other electric boards we have covered here.

Moboster has 3 settings, so you can move at walk, run, or cycling speed. A Cruise control mode is also available. Moboster is light and foldable. It has a carbon fiber and space-grade aluminum frame.


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I would like to go for a fun ride with this and its interesting.

I would like to go
For a fun ride with this and
Its interesting.

                 - alokkumar121

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This is an awesome electric scooter and riding on it should be fun. Nice hunt

Would be useful to enjoy the ride and have a fun with this electric personal vehicle nice find

Great hunt dear friend
This is really amazing electric vehicle that will be good for the young people.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Moboster looks quite cool Electric Personal Vehicle with Smooth Ride, thanks for sharing.

This is really great way to travel around the park it is an must have thing for sure.

This hoverboard is nice and I like it. good hunt

I love this hunting guy ...! I have always been concerned about the environment, and thanks to Moboster we will be able to take care of it without sacrificing anything since you can move without any effort and at the speed of your preferences.

Lovely. But how to steer it if shifting our balance is not its thing?
Life span and cost of battery and its disposability seems to be an issue to me. Is the battery recyclable?

Wow! moboster is unique, great vehicle.

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