Joey Tag - Wearable GPS Unit to Keep Children Safe

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Joey Tag

Wearable GPS Unit to Keep Children Safe



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Parents who want to keep tabs on their kids will appreciate the design of the Joey Tag wearable GPS as being an effective way to track their movement.

Funding now on Kickstarter, the Joey Tag works by being affixed onto the wrist of a child and setup with a parent's smartphone. The Joey Tag will work to keep children within your set proximity to ensure they don't wander off or become lost.

If a child wearing the Joey Tag wanders out of the proximity field that has been set, the device will send audible alerts to them and vibrate. This reminds them to return to a closer proximity to their parent or guardian.

The Joey Tag wearable GPS requires no monthly fees to operate and can aid parents in locating their child on their smartphone.



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This is much appreciated hunting and useful one.

Parents can monitor their children through this. This is a good safety application aimed in protecting Kids in today's world.



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