Tata Social media application - Share moments, Discover people and Earn rewards On tata

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Tata Social media application

Share moments, Discover people and Earn rewards On tata



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Tata is a social media where author and curators earn heat points when ever they make a comment or like a post on tata application. The good news about Tata is that you get rewarded as you communicate and like the contents of your friends interact with each others post's similar to how you get rewarded when people upvote your posts (content) on steemit.


Another similarity between Steemit and Tata is the fact that the there is a separate platform for monetization which is TTC which has to be connected to the Tata application. This is comparable to the The Steemit wallet site but I think the KYC process is a bit off

I would recommend everyone to try Tata out as you will be able to connect with blockchain enthusiasts from all continents. All in all its a great app to have on your mobile device whether on Android or IOS platform.

Here are the links to download Tata below :-
Google play store

IOS download



IOS Store Here
Download on Google play store HERE


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Great social media with a modern blockchain

Heard app is no longer on playstore

Great app downloading soon

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