SLX 3.0 Urban - Gauswheel - Exstreem Bicyle Hybrid

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SLX 3.0 Urban - Gauswheel

Exstreem Bicyle Hybrid



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Hunter's comment

Hallo Hunter
Of course you already know Gauswheel, this is an extreme one wheel bike, but you should know that Gauswheel has released its third SLX 3.0 Urban version and also at the same time being the last with a more perfect design, the rear wheels already use satellites, so you have to hunt for it while still available.




Hunter: @moersal

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  • Innovation at it's peak.
  • Easy to control
  • easy to ride.
  • satellite coverage.


  • non.


  • This is the closest thing I have ever seen to a bicycle-skateboard. Very good hunt @moersal

Thank you for Upvote my hunt @fruitdaddy

I'm seeing this for the first time and I'm impressed. Didn't think this thing are out there. This will be a lot of fun to use :)

A good bike with a futuristic design. It is able to carry up to 75 kilograms and is made of durable material such as fiber Glass, a light product. I like this product as design and color.

I don’t know what to say about this product but believe it looks like a death track for me. I admire those who can ride on skateboards let alone this. Cool though


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