iso air - Proactive pressure ulcer prevention therapies

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iso air

Proactive pressure ulcer prevention therapies



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Hunter's comment

I want to introduce a mattress that is very well used to rest the patient more safely and comfortably in an emergency. because the material is made of melted and air-filled material and can also be a patient's independent therapy.
This bed should be owned by every hospital.

Standard Features :
-Deep Cell Design
-On-Demand Max Inflate (15 minute time limit)
-Adjustable comfort settings
-Active Sensor Technology
-CPR release valve
-360 degree cover zipper
-Lightweight, easy to transport
-Meets flammability standards



Hunter: @moersal

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thank you for verified my product share @bitrocker2020

This mattress will no doubt ensure comfortability and therapy for the patients. I see this been also great for personal use to some extent.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

Patient's comfort is important. This matress won't add up pressure on the injured part. Nice hunt!

It is very comfortable and useful mattress for patients rest. Every hospital should be used this mattress in emergency for their patients to give them more safety.
Nice Hunt!

Iso Air seems to be great relaxing mattress. I am sure it will be useful for therapies. Good hunt.

This is great. It would be used for emergency patients. It gives comfortable. Great hunt.

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:point_right:I'm sure your hunt is "COOL". So i decided to give support:point_left:

revolution in the medical solution. It's something good, and will help a lot of peoples to regain their health faster

It seems to be an excellent product to prevent emergency patients from suffering secondary damage from impact while on the move.


yeah, bro.
this will be the solution for all that

IsoAir has a multi-therapy mode to protect the skin of the patient. Very nice bed to make the patient comfortable.

ISO AIR can really revolutionize the hospitals. This looks a perfect solution to a problem that has been adding to the miseries of people who are hospitalized. Epic!

Great features of this product:
Cell Phone-On Design
Demand Max Inflate (15 minute time limit) -
Comfort settings that can
customized - Sensor Technology
Active - Release of CPR valve
360 degree zipper cover
Lightweight, easy to transport
Meet flammability standards

Very well @moersal to introduce the wondeeful hunt "iso air" which is medical related.This bed is prettty good used to rest the patient more safely and comfortably in an emergency. So much features and yes eveey hospital should use this matress for their patients.


I will also suggest to every hospital especially Indonesia to use it
thank you @rabeel

Many doctors and hospitals need this, ulcer patient are many in our society ,sometimes emergency cases can be disastrous but this product will go along way to help, thanks for sharing hunter

This bed features are really wonderful , this is the type of bed needed for emergency for ulcer patient, I need to introduce this to hospitals

This seems very useful hunt specially for hospitals. It should get more exposure so that it gets noticed by government.

Most lovable iso air

I think iso air product can be very useful for the treatment of patients. It can provide the patient more safe and comfort in emergency.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

Great hunt
Nice one! It looks really amazing! I really want to have one for my grandparents!
It is going to change their life quality definitely
Thanks for the sharing


thank you my friend


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Awesome hunt.
It can be very relieving for patients who can't move freely...
And a great prevention for bed sores.