Waiter Robot - Integrate technology seamlessly in your business

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Waiter Robot

Integrate technology seamlessly in your business



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Hunter's comment

Greeting hunters today I am introducing intelligent waiter robots which are serving and ready to deliver food and drinks to your customers at your restaurants.

You have just to do it to place the food on the table then the robot will come to pick the food and deliver to your respective customer.

In Nepal Restaurant, Named"naulo" which means new in Nepali, where five robots are serving foods in which three robots name Ginger and the two are Ferry




Hunter: @moeenali


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I'm sure your hunt is undervalued and it's right to get help to crawl up to the better ranking. Why ?, because i think it's "COOL".

This product is one of the superior products that can make services more efficient, and of course more cost-effective in the long run.

But, by the way, I still prefer being served by a genuine woman, XD


HAHA XD thank you friend <3


you are welcome, i am waiting for your best hunt XD

HI @moeenali,

Thanks for your hunt. Before I can approve it can you please change the product title to Waiter Robot, and then slightly rewrite the short description to avoid duplication (remove “waiter robot” part from the short description).

Make sure to edit only through the Steemhunt website. Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested change.

Robotics will occupy our lifes very soon, they are helpful and low-cost, LoL, It is bad for human workers, but perfect hunt.

Wonderful..Ginger - Very good robot waiter for business. The way to make life easier.


You are welcome friend 🙂

wow this is amazing. This robot can help to serve customers at the place of business. with the existence of this robot becomes more efficient than having to hire a human servant

Wow 😮 this is a great hunt, a robot that serves not really bad.


yes and thanks for your feedback


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