YouBionic Arm - Wearable Bionic/Robotic Arm

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YouBionic Arm

Wearable Bionic/Robotic Arm



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Hunter's comment

Hey hunters, today I got another great hunt to share with you, the YouBionic Arm. This fully functional bionic attaches to your arm and will copy the movements that you make with your arm and hand. Pretty cool right!?! I thought so.

YouBionics wants to inspire more people to get involved with bionics/robotics, so they are giving people the option to buy the download, print the parts on a 3D printer and them assemble it at home (for a discounted price). However if you are like me and aren't very tech savvy then you can just buy the product at full price, LoL.

"As 3d printing explodes in the world and printers spread, Youbionic provides the elements to create robotics and bionics never seen up to today." -YouBionics

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we already have these arms and things from this company i'm afraid.

Great hunt. whats the price?